Launching January 2022
The Vetfit Practice Wellbeing Programme

An 8 week programme designed to support veterinary professionals to use exercise as a tool to improve mental and physical health. Vetfit strips back exercise to its foundations, reframes mindsets around physical activity, and combines physical training with personal development coaching to help you and your veterinary teams thrive both in and outside of practice.


We are a research-driven consultancy and instructor based service for all of the veterinary community, delivering realistic and tailored interventions, wellbeing programmes & educational resources. We help reduce the impacts of stress through exercise & social support, reversing the trend of high staff turnover & struggling recruitment. Designed, tested & run by veterinary professionals, for the veterinary community.

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Our mission is to inspire and educate the veterinary community to take control of their mental and physical health, through the application of exercise, social support, and evidence based management solutions.

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