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Mental and Physical Wellbeing for the Veterinary Profession

We are a research driven service for all the veterinary community, delivering a realistic, tailored activity programme designed specifically to reduce the impacts of stress by sport, exercise and social support. Designed, tested and provided by Vets for the vet community.


Two Mates. Two Practicising Vets. One Idea

Charlie and Andy qualified from the RVC in 2018 and 2017 respectively after having done two degrees together, played rugby together and more importantly somehow lived together for 7 years. Whilst at the RVC both developed a keen interest in mental health and what role sport and exercise can play in that. This led to them setting up the VetFit study at the RVC and now here we are!

Say Hello to Hols!

Hols has joined the team adding some flair and panache! Hols graduated from Surrey in 2020 and is currently working in small animal practice. A keen exercise guru, she aims to keep the boys in check!


Who We Are

Our Mission

The encouragement of the veterinary community to be both physically and mentally 'vet-fit' so that everyone in the community is better equipped to do their job.’

What We Offer

A structured programme designed to increase exercise and social support for the veterinary community. 


  • To provide an effective coping strategy to stress and poor mental wellbeing within the veterinary profession.

  • Sport and exercise has been proven to increase psychological wellbeing, physical health and work life balance.

  • Provides social support, encourages self-preservation and adjustment in priorities onto one’s own wellbeing. Plus the release of endorphins from exercise can last up to 48 hrs meaning prolonged resilience to stressors.  

Jogging in Park
'VetFit gave me a support network but more importantly let me take control of my work-life balance and ultimately made me a happier person'

VetFit Participant


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