Hey everyone, Hols here!

We thought we’d all share the sorts of things we love to do to get active.

Every body and mind is different, and so there are a PLETHORA of activities you can try to see if they are the right fit for you!

I am a walker, water-sportswoman, WODder (CrossFit) and Wheeler (wanted to continue the ‘w’ theme but… cycling). I found CrossFit through my love for Olympic Lifting, which happened to be my university sport. I found that when focusing on lifting a bar overhead, I don’t have the brainspace to think about anything else that’s going on in life, so I have found immense switch-off time during this. I also love feeling strong – physically AND mentally.

Over the past 18 months, an injury combined with lockdown, has meant I’ve really found solace in my feet and my wheels. I live and BREATHE the fresh air (especially if it’s by the sea). I bought my road bike (Scotty) from a charity project during my final year at uni and she saved my mental health during a mammoth year (throw a pandemic into that and we have a party!)

You’ll find Scotty and I often chasing coffee shops and sunsets. She’s my bestie when I need some headspace and some wind in my sails. Also, fun fact, this photo is of me stood on Lord Hereford’s Knob (saying this will never get old!)

Hols x

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