First blog post

Welcome to our new online home!

We have all had our ups and downs through lockdown, some people have been so super productive and learned a new skill, got fitter, changed their look and are coming out the other side, metamorphosed into a butterfly. Others, like myself, have eaten too much, drank a bit too regularly, lost my motivation for exercise and feel like little has been achieved other than gaining a few kilos!

However, we survived, and when I look back I am fortunate enough to have been a key worker being a farm vet and have had the busiest winter/ spring of my career so far, I have started a new job that I am enjoying and the biggest positive for me to have come out of Lockdown is some extra time to put into this amazing project Vetfit! So maybe it’s that perfectionist side coming out and it wasn’t so unproductive after all, we can’t always be everything we want to be at the same time.

So after that, I will get back to introducing you to our new website! We have a big year planned for Vetfit, and this will be our hub of information where you can follow our events and get involved with our activities.

“We have a ground-breaking launch event in September called ‘Raise The Bar’ where we will be sharing all we have learned over the last 4 years from working with students and veterinary staff about mental and physical wellbeing, social support, exercise, goal setting, resilience and fun!”

We are so excited about this and cannot wait for as many of you to join us as possible! Tickets are on sale through this website!

In the past few months, it’s not just been the website that has changed, our team has now expanded! We are now more gender-equal, which was certainly needed, poor Holly having to deal with Andy and myself all the time must have been a challenge so we are so pleased to welcome Ru to the team.

Her values are perfectly aligned with ours, and importantly she gets our sense of humour, although she tries her hardest to not show it!

We are also working more closely with the wonderful team at Wellvet, especially to bring you the Raise The Bar event and hopefully more collaborations in the future.

We have some exciting news for any new vets who are part of the CVS New Graduate Programme, we will be running a novel session as part of your summer camp which we are DYING to share the content for but you will have to wait and see – should be very fun!

And finally, as part of our little update, we are running our first pilot programmes of Vetfit in practice! We are starting to deliver bespoke wellbeing packages to practices that involve exercise sessions, social/ team bonding and some resilience/ goal setting and we are so excited to start getting feedback, develop the programme further and start to roll out to practices nationwide!

We love hearing from you all, whether on Facebook, Instagram or over email, thank you so much for following us on our journey to make a positive impact on the profession. We love engaging with you, after all, we get into the profession for the animals, and stay for the people!

Enjoy looking through the website and let us know what you think!

Charlie x

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