Meet the Team
A passionate team on a mission to improve veterinary mental and physical health

Vetfit are a passionate team consisting of four experienced veterinary professionals who are on a mission to inspire and educate the veterinary community to take control of their mental and physical health, through the application of exercise, social support, and evidence based management solutions.

Andy Rose

Founder & CEO

Andy Rose co-founded Vetfit in 2017 with Charlie Mays in order to break down barriers to wellbeing in the veterinary profession, through our favourite medium, exercise!

Charlie Mays

Founder & CEO

Charlie is a farm vet and graduated from the RVC. It was here where Charlie really found his passion for getting others involved in sports and societies to spread its positive effects. It was due to this drive to get peers to participate in exercise that the Vetfit study was created. Since then, together with Holly, Charlie has driven the Vetfit concept into the wider veterinary community trying to positively impact our mental and physical health.

Holly Sutton

Chief Operating Officer

Holly is an MRCVS, COO of Vetfit, CrossFitter, ocean lover, and huge foodie. After graduating in 2020, she is on a mission to raise the bar for wellbeing in the veterinary profession, helping businesses succeed with their people at their heart, educating leaders and individuals with practical and realistic tools to break down barriers to wellbeing.

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