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The Vetfit team offer one-off services for a wide range of needs and events
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Our mission is to inspire and educate the veterinary community to take control of their mental and physical health, through the application of exercise, social support, and evidence based management solutions. We offer a range of services and are always keen to tailor bespoke packages for you and your team. Please get in touch if you would like more information.

One-off services

The Vetfit team offer one-off services for a wide range of needs and events, such as:

  • Conferences & exhibitions - workshops, discussions, lectures & active sessions
  • Educational CPD sessions
  • Team activity/personal training sessions
Bespoke services

For bespoke services please do get in touch – we are always keen to get involved, be innovative, and share our Vetfit values with others!

The Vetfit 8 week Wellbeing Programme

An 8 week wellbeing package utilising Vetfit’s expertise, guidance and support to break down barriers to wellbeing, with practical tools to gain control of our mental and physical health. We take a holistic approach to improving wellbeing using exercise and social support as our medium, whilst including several other coaching and discussion based tools. These include mental resilience training, goal setting, motivational team challenges, and foundational knowledge on ‘what is fitness?’

Previous events
  • VMG-SPVS Congress 2021 - Mental resilience and foundations of fitness workshop
  • XLVets Winter Festival 2021 - A series of live active sessions through zoom (see testimonials for some great feedback!)
  • Vtx Virtual 2021 - A series of skills based exercise tutorials
  • British Vets LGBT+ Winter Pride Event 2021 - Virtual HIIT session over zoom and discussion based around Vetfit research
  • WellVet Virtual 2020 - An innovative and interactive ‘Pub Crawl’ based workout
  • WellVet Weekend 2019 - Exhibitor and mentor, including a session based on our Vetfit research and tutorial on bringing exercise to practice when time and equipment is limited
  • CVS Congress 2019 - Exhibitor
Tammy Kennedy
Midshire Veterinary Group Ltd

“Finding good online workouts (without tiring of the same repeat class) that make you work like you’re in a gym can be hard. HIIT is always a favourite – short enough to fit into any day with maximum results – so it’s brilliant to have Vetfit doing some sessions for us. They give good guidance during the session and you know you’ve worked out. You may be feeling tired or hungry but you’ll be buzzing after! Looking forward to another session……”

VetYogi Ltd

“Having collaborated with the Vetfit team several times now I highly recommend them as a group of passionate and knowledgeable people who will deliver what they promise. Their workouts are fun and accessible, and they are an absolute joy to work with!”

Brendon Jackson
Scott Mitchelll Veterinary Care Ltd

“Although I am an active triathlete, I found the sessions valuable to compliment my training and activate muscles that I do not use that often. Felt more energised after the sessions and therefore more productive. It is sessions I would like to include in my weekly routine going forward once my shoulder is better.”

Katie Ford
Vet, Speaker, Coach, Mentor, Consultant

“The enthusiasm of the Vetfit team is truly infectious. They are not only extremely knowledgeable in the field of health and fitness but have a real understanding of how important a holistic approach is for the wellbeing of vet teams. Their passion to help shines through, but this is backed up by a solid understanding of the science, practice practicalities, and the power of community in bringing teams together, for the benefit of all involved. Be under no illusion, Vetfit extends far beyond physical activity alone.”

Laura Mowlam
Fenton Veterinary Practice

“I did really enjoy the session, and look forward to the next one! Both instructors were lovely and encouraging. I found the workout just the right amount of strenuous; I definitely felt like I’d done a workout, without feeling like a completely broken woman afterwards. I probably even could have gone for longer, and I think I’d quite like some more upper body work, but other than that I had a great time. I have sorely missed the group workout classes that I used to do pre-pandemic; this fitness/social session helped me get that post-workout dose of endorphins. Thank you.”

Andrew Curwen

“A really well-crafted routine, delivered with enthusiasm, encouragement and understanding. Left me feeling great and wanting to come back for more. Bravo Vetfit”

Alice Renner
XLVets Farm Animal Marketing Executive

“A great fitness class that stopped me focusing on the length of time and more on the quality of the moves I was making. Working for all levels of fitness. Did really well to make it interactive over zoom.”

Ashley Earnshaw
XLVets Membership Support Executive

“Thanks Vetfit team for some great HIIT sessions! I loved how the sessions were adapted to suit everyone so that the less fit of the group (me) could keep going throughout and you gave me the motivation and drive that I needed to get the heart rate going during lockdown!”

Gemma Gabriel,
XLVets Companion Animal Marketing Executive

“It was great to have Vetfit join us as part of the XLVets Festival to support our members to ‘be active’, as part of our Thriving in Practice initiative. The session was really fun and provided great encouragement and motivation, even for those like me who are not quite as fit as they could be”

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