The Programme
Physical and Mental Wellbeing for the Veterinary Profession

Pioneered on Vetfit’s research and experience as veterinary surgeons, the Vetfit Practice Wellbeing Programme is designed to inspire, educate and support your teams to take control of their mental and physical health, through the foundations of exercise and social support.

Over 8 weeks, Vetfit strip back exercise to its foundations, reframe mindsets around physical activity, and combine physical training with personal development coaching to help you and your team thrive both in and outside of practice.


  • Wellbeing workshops and skills sessions
  • 8 Week bespoke exercise programme
  • Workouts, mobility sessions, wellbeing challenges
  • Wellbeing support & resources
  • Community forum
  • Group coaching
  • 1 to 1 coaching
  • Quantitative and qualitative wellbeing scores

the core programme

Introductory Session

A coaching based session where we discover more about what makes you and your team tick, as well as what you would like to achieve over our 8 weeks together, and beyond. We utilise a number of coaching based tools as well as reframe your mindsets through the use of mental resilience training and foundations to fitness. This session sets the tone with inspiration, motivation, education, and support.

  • Intro talk
  • Coaching discussion
  • What is fitness?
  • Mental resilience training and goal setting
  • Skills session
  • PT session
individual wellbeing assessment

We ask each of your team to complete a wellbeing questionnaire, to give a quantitative practice report.


This member portal is designed with resources and tools to break down barriers to exercise. Over 8 weeks you will develop your mental and physical strength through regular exercise, understanding how to move more efficiently and effectively, and learning more about you and your core values.

  • 8 weeks of Vetfit workouts
  • Mobility tips and movement mechanics
  • Mindful moments
  • Wellbeing challenges and resources

For community connection, accountability, and support.


Group based coaching discussion to see the progress of the programme, chat to the team, and discuss ongoing steps.


Including results, lessons learnt, group discussion and ongoing steps

Check in session – Virtual

A 1hr online session with staff to see the progress of the programme and chat to employees as well as discuss ongoing steps.

Exit Interviews

Anonymous interviews carried out by members of the Vetfit team at the end of the programme, allowing a qualitative practice report.



A group PT session run by us focussing on fun and teamwork. All sessions are tailored to those taking part and we have experience working with less mobile individuals to the über fit. Our sessions are always focussed on enjoyment and cohesion and are designed to give people a sense of satisfaction and fun.



Group Discussion (Personal Development) Coaching SEssion

A group based discussion using conversational tools to help the team move forward in a positive, healthy and productive direction.

1 to 1 personal development coaching session (highly recommended)

A confidential 1 to 1 coaching session to discuss goals, progress, and to gain a sense of clarity around one’s wellbeing. The individual will receive a confidential report. 


Anonymous interviews carried out by members of the Vetfit team at the start and end of the programme, allowing a qualitative practice report.

A choice of package options are available, which include sessions as described above. To learn more about how Vetfit can help, and discuss your bespoke wellbeing package, please get in touch through

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