‘Raise the Bar’ – 1 month on

1 month on, we’ve been reflecting on what has been a huge highlight for us – hosting our unique and pioneering CPD event ‘Raise the Bar’ which took place last month. Since Vetfit’s fruition, we’ve been supporting the community’s great plethora of veterinary events, however this time we took the lead and brought our own event to life.

Vetfit have been preparing our plane for a while, and back in March this year, we started heading for the runway. Andy, Charlie and I had been running the project in our free time up until this point, and with some faith and a little (big) push from Professor Renate Weller, who headed up the original Vetfit study with Andy and Charlie, I went part time as a freelancer to get us moving from the hangar to the runway. With Charlie and Andy supporting my puppet strings whilst they’re still in full time work, and with some fantastic help from our peers in the wellbeing space, we’re so excited to be bringing our ethos to life, with structured support for you, your colleagues, and your practices.

We’re passionate about breaking down barriers to wellbeing in the veterinary profession

It’s been a dream ever since the Vetfit Study to develop and refine the Vetfit Practice Wellbeing Programme. We’re passionate about breaking down barriers to wellbeing in the veterinary profession, through the foundations of exercise, social support, and evidence-based management solutions. There is so much more to Vetfit than just workouts, and we wanted to showcase this through Raise the Bar. This event was the launchpad of what’s to come from Vetfit going forward; positive and practical steps to ‘raise the bar’ for wellbeing in the veterinary profession. A name so aptly put with our passions for exercise. You won’t however, find a weightlifting bar in our car, maybe that’s something to aim for in the future 👀

Having not been in the same room together as a trio since 2019, this was also pretty novel! Although with the amount of zoom calls we’ve had, not as weird as expected. At Vetfit we really emphasise the impact that social support has on our wellbeing goals, and it was so great to live that at Raise the Bar, with being together as a team for the first time in 2 years! Armed with a LOT of snacks, an ethernet cable, and an amazing tech team (shout out to Katie Ford and Tom Allen), the event started off with a bang and the incredible energy continued throughout the day. We were joined by a brilliant and experienced speaker lineup from multiple areas of wellbeing, leadership and management. Including;

Jenny Guyat – Veterinary Coach and Mentor

Rachel Davis – Personal and Professional Development Cpach (who’s also coached us on how to be coaches!)

Katie Ford –  Vet, Coach, Speaker, Author, Course Creator, Author (and Tech Wiz!)

Dan Tipney – Head of Evidence and Insights at VetLed

Helen Silver MacMahon – Senior Trainer and Content Development Lead at VetLed

Cathy Hewlings – Squadron Second in Command for the British Army

Chloe Hannigan – VetYogi

Ru Tipney, Liz Barton and Nat Scroggie – the fabulous WellVet team!

Together we shared practical and achievable tools to take control of our mental and physical health – from goal setting, to journaling, to human factors, to leadership strategies, the day tackled wellbeing from the ground upwards, for championing yourselves, and championing your teams. Sessions were about taking ACTION for veterinary wellbeing, and were formulated with the aim of being practical, achievable, inspiring, supportive, and educational.

Lockdown has really helped us at Vetfit move forward in supporting our community; we’ve made some amazing connections, not only in the speaker space, but in our followers (i.e. you!) too. If you missed the event, replay tickets are available through the link on our site (and it’s 10 hours of CPD!)

If you’d like more information on the launch of our practice wellbeing programme, please get in touch via hello@getvetfit.co.uk

And a big thankyou to the sponsors of this event; Vtx, Spvs, VetCT and Imv Imaging, as well as WellVet for supporting.

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